The Prosperous Team work with partners and other organisations in the community to facilitate and deliver a range of activities for community members who wish to improve their lifestyle.

Ready For Work Club:

The aims for this project is to help people develop employment skills and find work. The project provides participants with practical support around finding work. This is done through support to complete Universal Job Match, search for jobs online, basic skills and IT support, CV writing, support and guidance with welfare reforms in relation to JSA and the Claimant Commitment and the eventual Universal Credit. The emphasis will be on confidence building, skills development and training.

Digital Inclusion Project:

This project supports people who are digitally excluded to access training and support in basic IT skills, specifically related to finding work, claiming benefits and improving their capabilities.

This is a priority in the current climate due to the Welfare Reforms and the need for Universal Job Match to be completed on line. The project will support the Ready for Work Clubs. The project aims are to enable people to be confident in using a computer to search for employment. It will also complement the Family Finance Support Project in Priority PC4 to enable people to become more financially capable through the use of IT.

Youth Ready for Work Clubs / Job Growth Wales:

The projects aims are to reduce Youth Unemployment and disengagement for 16-24yrs. The project will provide participants with practical support to become job ready and to gain relevant and worthwhile employment and training through. This will be achieved through job club. The emphasis is on confidence building, skills development, training and gaining employment. In addition to job clubs, Forsythia Youth Team will also run a monthly drop in job club at the youth centre.

Workingwith Job Centre Plus – joint delivery and support

  • MTCBC Adult Learning – referral for courses, particularly basic skills
  • Tydfil Training – two way referrals for training, placements and support
  • WEA – training provision
  • C4W-
  • Armed forces – recruitment awareness/drive

Improving Financial Capability, managing debt and raising income:

Citizens Advice Cymru Communities First Shared Outcomes Project – CAB Managing Your Money Group Sessions. Managing Your Money Group Sessions will provide an independent source of financial capability information and guidance to vulnerable people in
North Communities First Cluster in Merthyr Tydfil.

Reducing the Risk of youth Offending:

Youth drop in and holiday clubs, The aim of the project is to provide nightly drop-in sessions four times a week for 50 weeks of the year and an additional daily session during school holidays (12 weeks). During these sessions, young people have the opportunity to engage in a range of positive personal, social and learning activities, promoting active citizenship and community cohesion.

All this will be done in a safe, friendly and familiar environment at Forsythia Youth Centre within their own community. We are working with a variety of agencies and organisations to deliver an effective project.